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Chevron flooring, also known as French herringbone, is an old pattern that has thankfully been rediscovered. And we can certainly understand the renaissance. The distinctive lines of the pattern provide homeowners with a stringent and straightforward foundation for a more colorful and lively interior design.

The floor has an almost magical ability to light up the room’s furniture in a special way, giving the entire room a more exclusive look. Trækompagniet is always open to investing time in carpentry on new as well as old patterns, so we can give our customers the absolute best choices on the market.

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We’ve compiled the questions we’re most frequently asked by our customers.

Yes, all our floors can withstand underfloor heating. Most of our floors are oak, which is actually one of the best wood species to choose if you want underfloor heating under your wooden floor.

A solid wood floor consists of the same wood species throughout and is virtually indestructible. It can be sanded many, many times. A solid wood floor is a natural product, which means it works. When humidity rises or falls above normal (which is 35 to 65% relative humidity, as often happens in the UK), be prepared for the boards to contract or expand. This reaction can leave small or large cracks, shrinkage cracks between the boards or create a so-called washboard effect.

At Trækompagniet, we have our very own production and assembly department. This means that we are able to handle all stages internally and are not dependent on external links and production departments. This gives us a unique position in the market, where we can 110% guarantee both quality and design. Nothing is left to chance when you buy your wooden floor through Trækompagniet.

TK Oak Vulcano Vintage herringbone flooring

Good to know about chevron flooring

A chevron floor from Trækompagniet is durable, a lifetime investment and suitable for both large and small spaces. This floor is laid in 2-layer solid (waterproof plywood under oak). Due to its layered structure, a 2-layer solid floor is well suited for installation over underfloor heating as it can better handle temperature fluctuations.

Also available as herringbone flooring

At Trækompagniet, we produce all our floors from scratch. We offer tailor-made solutions according to your needs.

All of the above floors are also available in a herringbone pattern

Good to know about chevron floors

A chevron floor from Trækompagniet is durable, an investment for life and suitable for both large and small rooms. A chevron floor is laid as a 2-layer solid floor (waterproof plywood under oak). The layered structure means that a 2-layer chevron floor is well suited for being laid over underfloor heating, as it is better able to withstand the fluctuations in temperature.

chevron gulve

Let your staircase exude exclusivity too

In addition to hardwood floors produced in many different types of wood, we have solid experience with other wooden products for the home. If, for example, you want a staircase in your home that matches your new exclusive hardwood floor, we offer stair solutions based on your wishes and needs. We have two scenarios:

Either you want a brand new staircase that fits naturally with the new floor you have had installed. We’ve got it! The process is then that we arrive and do our measurements, we produce the stairs and finally we come back and assemble it. We have yet to meet someone who desired a staircase that we could not create.

Or you already have a finished staircase, and you are seeking a new surface treatment to create a connection between staircase and floor. We’ve got that too! The process is then that we send the staircase to our wood factory, who ensure that all the steps receive the same finish as the floor you have installed. That way, you create harmony in your home. Which scenario can we help you with? 

Where does the chevron pattern originate from

The chevron pattern consists of parallel planks cut on an angle and then laid in a v-shape with the ends creating a point. It is similar in many ways to a herringbone pattern, where instead of straight lines, French herringbone is cut at an angle.

This creates a more dynamic and elegant style. A chevron floor can be made in many types of wood and you can therefore see the floor in many different shades.

The pattern has a long history and has been used in many different cultures and contexts over time. However, the pattern can be traced all the way back to ancient times, where it was also used in ceramics and textile cultures. It has been found in Greece, Egypt and the Roman Empire.

Today, the chevron pattern has once again become popular in the world of fashion and design, where it can be seen in flooring, but just as much in the tiled bathroom.

At Trækompagniet, we are always open to investing time in the joinery of new as well as old patterns so that we can always give our customers the absolute best choices on the market. You can also see examples of the design on our Instagram.

If you want Trækompagniet to take care of or provide a quote for your herringbone floor, please contact us on +45 44 44 16 20 or

Chevron flooring and underfloor heating

Today, most people prefer to install underfloor heating in their homes. Therefore, many people want a floor with the option of underfloor heating, and our chevron floor is no exception. You can therefore safely dream of a French herringbone floor from Trækompagniet, even if you also want underfloor heating. The only floors we have that don’t work well with underfloor heating are our solid wood floors.

If you’re more interested in herringbone flooring or plank flooring, find them here.

Solid parquet flooring in a stylish design

We love being able to make Nordic stylish dreams come true, which is why we can help you decorate your home with solid parquet flooring in a stylish design. With chevron flooring, or French herringbone, you can create an elegant and modern setting.

With a stylish choice such as French herringbone, herringbone or plank flooring, you’re guaranteed a design that will last for years to come and that most people won’t get tired of. It’s a classic choice that never goes out of fashion. Therefore, it’s often a good investment in your home.

If you want to personalize your floor, you can choose from several different wood species, treatments, lengths and widths. This means you can choose the chevron parquet that suits your unique home and let your floors stand out a little.

chevron gulve

Competent and creative advice

At Trækompagniet, we are a collection of enthusiasts who are all passionate about creating the most beautiful and organic setting for your home. We are experts in wood flooring, and we can help you with everything from advice on the choice of floor, shade and length, to installation and treatment of the floor.

You are also welcome to drop by our showroom in Bagsværd, where you can see and feel the materials. You can also see examples of how a chevron floor is installed and how chevron floors can be combined with a wooden staircase.

We’re also happy to come to your home and look at your options and limitations so you can feel confident in your choice of wood flooring for your home. Because we always strive for the best result. Every project is different.

Contact us using the contact form below, by email or by phone +45 44 44 16 16 20.

Information about herringbone floor

Navn TK Eg Toscana Dark Sildebensgulve TK Eg Vulcano Vintage Sildebensgulve TK Eg Vulcano Sildebensgulve TK Eg Toscana Whalebone Sildebensgulve TK Eg Toscana Sildebensgulve TK Eg Massiv Sildebensgulve
Farve Mørk Mørk Mørk Lys Lys Lys
Bredde 100 / 120 mm 100 / 120 / 150 mm 100 / 120 mm 100 / 120 / 150 mm 100 / 120 mm 68 / 100 / 120 mm
Plankelængde 600 / 730 / 1000 mm 600 / 730 / 1000 mm 600 / 730 / 1000 mm 600 / 730 / 1000 mm 600 / 730 / 1000 mm 408 / 600 / 730 / 1000 mm
Tykkelse 16 mm 16 mm 16 mm 16 mm 16 mm 16 / 21 / 30 mm

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