In-house production is a matter of course – and provides security

When you have roots firmly placed in the wood industry, as we do at Trækompagniet, you do not compromise on quality. That is why we own and operate our very own wood production, where we make an effort to select the best raw materials, cut optimally and process the materials according to the state the art.

The fact that we have our own production gives us the best conditions for living out the professional pride that has now governed the family for four generations. Likewise, our in-house production is our customers’ guarantee that we take full responsibility for laying the floor correctly. 

"We do not favour automatic productions without soul."

– Frosti Thordarson, CEO of Trækompagniet since 2005

"With us, the wood is carried forward by professionals – from raw trunk to finished plank."

– Frosti Thordarson

"In fact, the wood changes hands 12 times during the process as we develop our handmade planks and staves."

– Frosti Thordarson

About the Vulcano series

The Vulcano series combines our passion for wood craftsmanship and Iceland. All Vulcano floors are inspired by the volcanic landscape of Iceland, where we at Trækompagniet originate from.

By heat treating solid wood, we’ve invited Iceland’s rawness, dark lava and touch of wildness into bright modern homes.

Distinctiveness is a natural feature of all Vulcano floors, as all planks are handmade and no two planks are the same. Just like in nature.

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