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Trækompagniet was founded by Icelanders Frosti Thordarson and his wife Helga Sigurðardóttir, who to this day still sit in management positions. The family owned enterprise has for two decades been supplying quality wooden floors all over Scandinavia.

Quality material, focused design development, high quality and professional counseling. These are just some of the key words when describing the company and its prominent success.

Trækompagniet consists of an ambitious team of competent employees who are all passionate about providing sublime solutions and counseling to satisfied customers. We always strive for the perfect result, which is achieved with some of the country’s best floor installers. At Trækompagniet, we believe in the importance of constant development, which contributes to creating and maintaining great interest among customers.

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The passion for wood stretches back to 1946

At Trækompagniet, we are the 4th generation of proud floor installers, where there has always been a great interest in wood and quality flooring. The 1st generation, Ólafur Önundarson started working with wooden floors back in 1946 in Iceland. At that time, there were still no grinding machines on the island, but Önundarson quickly converted this. Son Sigurður Olafsson quickly picked up the passion for wood and flooring.

Sigurður Olafsson passed on his passion for wood to his daughter Helga Sigurðardóttir, who is the wife of Frosti Thordarson, who also quickly developed a natural interest and passion for the unique properties of wood. Frosti and Helga thus began in 2003 to supply exclusive wooden floors to the Danes. In the beginning, when Trækompagniet went under a different name, the floors were distributed from the couple’s basement. At that time, the company functioned exclusively as an importer of floors. A few years later, a showroom was established and the company got its well-known name, Trækompagniet. Since then, the company has experienced great success and interest in the high-quality wooden materials. 

We are responsible for the entire process from A to Z

At Trækompagniet, we have our very own production and assembly department. We thus manage to handle all stages internally, where we are not dependent on external stages and production departments. This gives us a completely unique positioning on the market, where we can vouch 110% for both the quality and the design. Nothing is thus left to chance when you buy your wooden floor through Trækompagniet.

We are with you through the whole process – right from when the wood is felled in the forest to when the finished wooden floor is delivered to you. We offer the largest selection of exclusive wooden floors in the whole of Scandinavia, where you will find something for every taste. The elegant plank floors, the exclusive herringbones pattern and the unique chevron pattern. 


We welcome nature indoors with inspiration from the volcanic island in the north

Iceland runs through the veins of founder Frosti Thordarson and the same applies to Trækompaniet. A large part of the inspiration comes from Iceland and the magnificent nature found there. You can’t say Iceland without saying “nature”. Nature takes up an enormous part of the country, which offers many different types of nature 

Bombastic volcanoes, breathtaking glaciers, beautiful rivers, lush meadows, mighty waterfalls and deep fjords. We manage to bring this beautiful nature into the home with exclusive wooden flooring, which will adorn the home in the most beautiful way. 

Our greatest strength is our team of competent employees

We are a team of competent employees who are ready to advise you on the choice of the perfect wooden floor for you. In this way, we ensure that you get a result that will last for many generations. 

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