Understanding the influence of materials

In the heart of distinguished Hellerup, we find an exclusive villa framing the unique and elegant TK EG Mallorca Chevron wood floor. The carefully considered choice of wood flooring demonstrates an understanding of the influence of materials on the atmosphere of the room and the experience of the home as a whole.

Private residence – Hellerup, Denmark

Photographer: John Bendtsen

TK EG Mallorca Chevron

Thickness: 16 mm. Width: 120 mm. Length: 640 mm.

Surface treatment: White hardwax oil

Every plank in the TK EG Mallorca Chevron collection is handcrafted and treated with a white hardwax oil, resulting in a floor that is not only robust but also brings out the natural beauty of the wood. This craftsmanship ensures that no two planks are the same, ultimately creating a truly unique flooring landscape that complements the surrounding interior.

TK EG Mallorca Chevron adds a special character to the room with its distinctive chevron pattern that catches the eye and creates depth and dynamism. The floor creates a timeless foundation for any interior design style, giving the room both personality and warmth. 

By choosing TK EG Mallorca Chevron, homeowners have chosen a floor that is not only beautiful, but also durable and easy to maintain. The white hardwax oil ensures a natural and protective surface treatment that preserves the beauty of the wood for many years.

TK EG Mallorca Chevron blends in perfectly with the overall aesthetic of the villa and adds a unique finesse. The choice of this specific wood floor speaks to the owner’s appreciation of quality and design, and the way the surroundings and the home’s interior interact. The result is a home that is both grand and inviting, where every room has its own unique character, thanks to TK EG Mallorca Chevron.

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