Great enthusiasm for total solutions in high-end wood flooring

At Trækompagniet in Bagsværd, they are experiencing a sharp increase in demand for their total wood flooring solutions. Customers are enthusiastic about the security and quality of the company producing, designing, treating, delivering and installing the floors themselves.

Massivt trægulv

Trækompagniet is a full-service supplier of wooden floors, which is a great advantage for customers. For example, you can decide for yourself how the design of the floors should look, how the flooring and underfloor heating should fit into the home. This gives a huge assurance that the work from A to Z will be carried out in a 100% proper manner,” says Frosti Thordarsen, owner of Trækompagniet. “I don’t know if there is anyone in Scandinavia who does what we do with our own production and design, packing, delivery and installation of floors. One of the unique things is that we choose our own logs and wood in terms of sorting and size. In other words, we find the wood that best suits the product we design here in Denmark. This gives our customers the reassurance that we are responsible for everything and guarantee quality at every stage.  

Many people are probably familiar with the idea that the floor is produced in one place, purchased in another, and installed by a third party. The problem with this solution can be that if something goes wrong, the parties point the finger at everyone but themselves,” says Frosti Thordarson. All of Trækompagniet’s wood comes from sustainable forests, and this is generally something that the company does and has done a lot of work on, says Frosti Thordarson: “Sustainability is important, as there must be decent wood to produce flooring in the future. That’s why it’s crucial for us that we only use wood from sustainable forestry. The wood simply has to be certified as sustainable or meet similar standards if Trækompagniet is to deal with it,” he points out.

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