Maritime Luxury: Modern Living in North Zealand

Framed by the picturesque landscape of North Zealand, close to the exclusive coastline, we find a modern and elegant villa. This luxurious residence is designed with a precise balance of horizontal wood, glass and concrete, creating an architectural masterpiece. A key word that describes the architecture of the home is ‘harmony’, which opens up to the surrounding maritime environment and allows it to flow freely through the interior of the house.

Private residence – North Zealand, Denmark

Photographer: John Bendtsen

TK Oak Lava Plank floor

Thickness: 21 mm. Width: 220 mm. Length: 800-2400 mm.

Surface treatment: Heat treatment and hard wax oil

This North Zealand villa harmonizes naturally with the surrounding coastal landscape, with its single storey stretching towards the beach. The facade is built in local, light-colored wood and large glass sections, while concrete elements elegantly tie the structure together. The home’s transparent design and natural materials blend into the surroundings, creating a harmonious connection with the surrounding buildings. 

The design of the villa in no way dominates the beautiful landscape, but integrates it into both its exterior and interior. The large expanses of glass allow the coastal landscape to flow into the home, creating a sense that the expanse of the sea is inviting itself inside. This results in an interior characterized by calm and simplicity.

TK Oak Lava Plank flooring is chosen to enhance the feeling of nature inside. It provides a solid and comfortable base and adds a reference to the surrounding landscape. The color palette is kept in neutral tones of white, grey and black, but it is the dark, glowing wood floor that provides the overall warmth of the room, from the floor to the window frames and furniture.

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