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Trækompagniets herringbone flooring is an eternal classic

Herringbone floors are both elegant and decorative. There are floor designs,
that are so solid and beautiful that they will always be preferred by discerning homeowners.

Herringbone flooring range

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We’ve compiled the questions we’re most frequently asked by our customers.

Yes, all our floors can withstand underfloor heating. Most of our floors are oak, which is actually one of the best wood species to choose if you want underfloor heating under your wooden floor.

A solid wood floor consists of the same wood species throughout and is virtually indestructible. It can be sanded many, many times. A solid wood floor is a natural product, which means it works. When humidity rises or falls above normal (which is 35 to 65% relative humidity, as often happens in the UK), be prepared for the boards to contract or expand. This reaction can leave small or large cracks, shrinkage cracks between the boards or create a so-called washboard effect.

At Trækompagniet, we have our very own production and assembly department. This means that we are able to handle all stages internally and are not dependent on external links and production departments. This gives us a unique position in the market, where we can 110% guarantee both quality and design. Nothing is left to chance when you buy your wooden floor through Trækompagniet.

TK Oak Vulcano Vintage herringbone flooring

Trækompagniets herringbone flooring is an eternal classic

There are floor designs that are so well-made and beautiful that they will always be preferred by any discerning homeowner. The herringbone pattern is such a design, encompassing a Nordic nerve and exuding nostalgia. Classic – but certainly not necessarily traditional. Because with the help of Trækompagniet’s carpenters and designers in the production, you are able to create in your home exactly the expression that reflects your taste. 

Also available in a herringbone pattern

At Trækompagniet, we produce all our floors from scratch. We offer tailor-made solutions according to your needs. 

All of the above floors are also available in a herringbone pattern


Good to know about herringbone floors

A herringbone floor from Trækompagniet is durable, an investment for life and suitable for both large and small rooms. A herringbone floor can be laid as a solid oak herringbone floor or as a a 2-layer solid herringbone parquet (waterproof plywood under oak). If you have underfloor heating, we recommend the 2-layer solid herringbone flooring.


Let your staircase exude exclusivity too

In addition to hardwood floors produced in many different types of wood, we have solid experience with other wooden products for the home. If, for example, you want a staircase in your home that matches your new exclusive hardwood floor, we offer stair solutions based on your wishes and needs. We have two scenarios:

Either you want a brand new staircase that fits naturally with the new floor you have had installed. We’ve got it! The process is then that we arrive and do our measurements, we produce the stairs and finally we come back and assemble it. We have yet to meet someone who desired a staircase that we could not create.

Or you already have a finished staircase, and you are seeking a new surface treatment to create a connection between staircase and floor. We’ve got that too! The process is then that we send the staircase to our wood factory, who ensure that all the steps receive the same finish as the floor you have installed. That way, you create harmony in your home. Which scenario can we help you with? 

Get solid herringbone parquet in oak or built up in 2-layer solid

As you explore our beautiful herringbone flooring, you’ll quickly realize,
that you have two options. Either you can choose a solid wood floor in
oak or you can go with our herringbone parquet in 2-layer solid.

If you want Trækompagniet to take care of or provide a quote for your herringbone floor, please contact us on +45 44 44 16 20 or

Herringbone flooring fits in all types of homes

Herringbone flooring is a timeless floor covering that can give a room a sense of elegance and luxury. The herringbone pattern creates a visual depth in the room. Most rooms will therefore appear larger when they have herringbone flooring in them and it’s something that many people fall in love with.

No matter how big a room is, it’s always nice to have a floor that makes the room appear large, bright and inviting. Since herringbone flooring can be designed in so many different types and styles, there isn’t a home or building where a herringbone floor wouldn’t look good. So you can dream of a herringbone floor no matter what kind of home you have. 

Taste and comfort

Herringbone parquet can be made in many different types of wood and the wooden planks can be of different sizes and lengths. This makes it easy to create different styles and customize your herringbone floor to your individual taste.

Once the floor is installed, it is sanded and treated with oil or wax to prolong the life of the floor and maintain its beautiful appearance.

Many people today prefer herringbone parquet because of its rich possibilities to customize the floor to each individual taste and style.


A solid flooring choice

A herringbone floor can only be installed as a fully glued floor. Fortunately, a fully glued oak floor comes with many benefits.

When you choose a fully glued floor, you also get better indoor acoustics. The glue helps to dampen the sound when you step on the floor. So whether it’s a lot of shoes, toys or dog paws moving across the floor, it will provide much better acoustics.

If you want underfloor heating, there’s no need to worry here either. A fully glued herringbone floor can easily have underfloor heating underneath it. 

The modern herringbone oak floor

There’s the classic smooth and straight herringbone parquet, especially seen in many older homes. But for a more modern look, many are now opting for a brushed floor with a beveled edge. When a herringbone floor is chamfered, a bit of the edge is removed to make the plank more solid.

This gives a slightly more raw look to the home and is ideal for a newly built house and a more modern interior design.

When you choose a brushed floor, in addition to being more modern, it will also be easier to maintain. With a brushed floor, you won’t see small scratches as easily as with a completely smooth floor. 


Decor with herringbone parquet flooring

Many Danes choose to install an ordinary plank floor if they need a new wooden floor. This is because for some, having a floor as decorative as a herringbone floor can be a mouthful.

It’s a shame, because a herringbone floor fits into most homes. Often it’s just a matter of the color of the floor. We offer solid oak floors in several shades.

If you have large, beautiful and bright rooms, you can easily have a darker herringbone parquet without it taking up too much light or attention. Conversely, if you have a smaller room, herringbone can help make the room appear larger by laying the floor in the same direction as the room’s main entrance and in a lighter color. 

Herringbone flooring to your taste

Herringbone parquet is not for everyone, we know. But for those who think this type of solid oak flooring is just right, it will be a choice they will appreciate when they have it installed.

At Trækompagniet, we specialize in finding the right options and are happy to tailor a unique herringbone floor for your home. We’ll make you an offer based on your taste and wishes. We’re also happy to install it so you don’t have to lift a finger.


Want a simple and natural choice?

Or how about adding light and further elegance with a herringbone floor that is finished with white oil and hard wax oil and comes with a brushed surface? Visit our showroom and experience the floor pattern that has been a fixture in manor houses and castles for centuries.

If you have large, beautiful and bright rooms, you can easily have a darker
herringbone parquet without it taking up too much light or attention.
Conversely, if you’re dealing with a smaller room, herringbone can help
make the room appear larger by laying the floor in the same direction
as the room’s main entrance and in a lighter color.

Information about herringbone flooring

Navn TK Eg Toscana Dark Sildebensgulve TK Eg Vulcano Vintage Sildebensgulve TK Eg Vulcano Sildebensgulve TK Eg Toscana Whalebone Sildebensgulve TK Eg Toscana Sildebensgulve TK Eg Massiv Sildebensgulve
Farve Mørk Mørk Mørk Lys Lys Lys
Bredde 100 / 120 mm 100 / 120 / 150 mm 100 / 120 mm 100 / 120 / 150 mm 100 / 120 mm 68 / 100 / 120 mm
Plankelængde 600 / 730 / 1000 mm 600 / 730 / 1000 mm 600 / 730 / 1000 mm 600 / 730 / 1000 mm 600 / 730 / 1000 mm 408 / 600 / 730 / 1000 mm
Tykkelse 16 mm 16 mm 16 mm 16 mm 16 mm 16 / 21 / 30 mm

See our large selection

We offer different colors, sizes and patterns that you can choose from when looking for a new floor.

In herringbone parquet, we offer, among other things, the colors:

  • Toscana
  • Toscana Dark
  • Solid
  • Vulcano
  • Vulcano Vintage

Appreciate herringbone flooring

You will undoubtedly appreciate your herringbone floor if you choose to have it installed in solid oak. You’ll get a hard-wearing and durable result that can be preserved and used for many, many years.

Not only can you have it laid in a timeless pattern like herringbone parquet, but you can also get an offer on many different beautiful shades at Trækompagniet. We are happy to assist you in finding the right one for your taste.

In our showroom, you can get help finding the exact shade, size and pattern that fits your home or the rooms you want new flooring in. Read more about herringbone flooring, how to get your hands on it and our offers below.

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Want us to help you find the right herringbone floor?

As experts in herringbone flooring, we can help you find the floor that best suits your home and that you’ll appreciate for years to come. We can provide guidance on size, color and scope, so you know exactly what to choose.

You can visit our showroom at Buddinge Hovedgade 321 in Bagsværd, where you can feel our solid oak floors, see the many beautiful colors in different light and get an overview of your options. You can also stop by to get inspiration for your home if you haven’t yet decided on a herringbone floor.

Of course, it’s not just herringbone flooring we’re experts in. We also have beautiful plank floors in solid oak, as well as chevron floors, also known as French herringbone, which have a more modern look. Get inspired on this page or book a meeting with us in our showroom.

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